Hey guys, long time listener first time caller-ish.

So i`m here to ask for some help from the ppl who know all things Pink Floyd.

I`m trying to get the sound for Run Like Hell, and would like to know what gear DG used... amp/pedals/pedel settings.

I use a Yamaha Pacifica > Digi-Tech RP250 > Peavey Rage 158.

Any help would be wonderful.

thank you for your time reading this post.

Try Gilmourish Search for it thru google and you can find what gear he used for each album and each song


gilmourish.com is where you need to look. By the way, a delay pedal is a must for Run Like Hell
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
cheers for the quick reply guys

I`ll check ou the site the now.

Yeah theres a dely on the multi fx i got.