I live in the United Kingdom, and over-here, it's pretty hard to get hold of schecters, recently anyways (there was a shop about an hours drive away from me, that aparently sold them, but before when I heard about it, it was too late, it had gone bankrupt, and shut down)

So i've been trying to find a site, that sells the "Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 String Bass", in Black Cherry, for a reasonable price, £320 being the RRP for it, and that ACTUALLY do sell it, (as most sites I've contacted, tell me they can't actually get them)

ANYWAYS, to the point - I found the Euro Guitar site, selling it at 370 Euros, but I've never heard of the site, the availability is listed as 1 week, assuming that means they can get them in a week. So, i'd have to wait about 2 weeks to get it, which is better than waiting till April (Merchant Cities estimate).

So has anyone ordered from this site basically? If so, how reliable are they? Did you order something that was listed as "1 week availability" or whatever?

Please get back to me.

Ps, It's posted here cause the main point is about teh website, not teh bass. =]
Live near london?

Soho soundhouse has a schecter room last time I checked.
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No luck. The site looks honest and reputable though, so go ahead and try it.
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Didn't someone take over Soundcontrol when they went bust? Do they not stock them?
Soundcontrol is now, red-dog or something, they havn't got Schecters listed on the new site.

I guess I'll give Euro Guitar a go.