I've wanted a frankenstrat for quite a while so I decided to finally build one. I have an old Squire Affinity strat (I love Squire's) and figured it would probably make a good frankenstrat. The first thing was to strip off the paint (it was sunburst btw...)

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This is after a couple coats of sanding sealer. I sanded down to 300 and then applied 3 coats. I used Minwax. After it was dry, I sanded it down to 400. I've also included pics of the body hanger.
Body Hung:


End Result:

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Nice. Good job so far.
What colours have you decided to paint it?
Please don't do another red, white and black one. Do pink.
Btw, what wood is the Squier made of?
I really want b/w/r. I've always loved the look. I'm pretty sure the body is alder. It's from 1998.
Eh. Too each his/her own, I guess.
It'll look sick no matter what, I bet.
Oh cool, thanks.
Oh yeah, are you going to use an all-maple neck or one with a rosewood fingerboard?
I suggest a classic maple one.
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All maple. There's pics of the neck in my post at the top.

Oops. Sorry. I didn't notice it.
It's beautiful.
When are you going to paint it?
I can't wait.
Ya, I know. It's old habit I guess. If you guys like that way better, then I'll do it like that.
I'd do black and white version with a vintage strat trem. Everyone does the black/white/red option and tries to put on cheap Floyd copies that aren't worth it. Make it like the original from the first album, vintage strat trem, black single hum pickguard etc. That would look cool. Also the way your body pickup cavity is routed it would look goofy if you tried to copy the red/black/white version and leave that part exposed.
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I agree, but I have to make the best with what I have I guess. I like the black and white but I love the b/w/r.

Anyways, here's the black coat...(insert drum roll here)...

Looks like you're getting runs, sprayed it on too thick. Good luck with it though, whichever way you decide.
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Kind of going for the rough look. Here's the guitar taped....

I know the tape isn't the exact same pattern. I just wanted to add my own touch to it.