Does anybody know if its possible to get some strap locks that you can use with the strap buttons that are already on the guitar/bass, so that you don't have to unscrew them?

Thanks for your reply!
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Made by dunlop.

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not that ive heard of

if you're afraid of having to remove the strap buttons or whatever, it's really easy
just unscrew it then screw in the new button lock and keep screwing

also if you're afraid of the buttons coming out when you play you're supposed to water down elmers glue and then use a cotton swab to apply it to the hole
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Just unscrew them and put the new strap lock system in. I mean it takes all of 2 minutes. If you do it without that you'll have to get the type that have the holes and they aren't as reliable. I'd go through the 2 minutes of work that it takes.
Not to mention that the straplock screws are usually longer than the standard strap button ones! Better grip & less chance of stripping out! If you want, keep you original ones in your case(I did) and you can always re-install them when you sell. But honestly, you're only talking about $15 - $20 for a decent sent of straplocks.
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^Agreed, just get some schallers and be done with it. Schallers strap locks > Dunlop strap locks
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I use the Ernie Ball Superlocks. I play an SG, so the Schallers' pin would have poked me in the belly and the Dunlops would have been too easy to accidentially disengage by bumping my hip bone. The Superlocks combine the best of both worlds IMO.
^Haven't heard of those, but I can see where schallers would be a problem on an SG.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
to be honest your problem was saved posts ago, just buy the dunlop thingys described in the first 2. Reliability at a fraction of the price and hassle of getting "real" straplocks
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Planet waves have this awesome strap with strap locks built on to the end. No screws, No plastic that can slip off.

That is your answer.
Boston straplocks.
They're exactly the same style as Schallers but come with 2 nuts so they are far more sturdy - the Schallers I have on my Tele loosen as I'm playing, the Bostons do not.
Plus they're cheaper coz you're not paying for the name.
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