...to play in both Drop B and standard without ruining the neck?

I like my strings to be loose when I play Drop B and tight in standard so that shouldn't be a problem

I'm just wondering if the neck will warp if I change tunings often
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I dont think it would but I may be wrong it depends on what gauge of strings you use if you use really thick ones in standard its gonna mess it up
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anyone else?
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You are a redeeming feature for the UG Swedish population.

As long as you don't do it 3 times a day and ensure that you maintain your guitar correctly in respect to your neck relief and truss rod it should be fine.
The problem is going to be using the same strings in standard and drop b. If you use light strings in drop b they are are pretty much gonna flap in the breeze. And if you use heavy strings so it plays good in drop b it will have a ton of tension in standard. When I switched my strat from standard to drop c# I used heavier strings and had to adjust the truss rod. Gonna be way better off with a guitar set up for each tuning.
It depends on what guitar your doing it with, if it's like a thick LP style u'll b fine to switch up from drop B to e standard and all over the place 101 times a day if you want, my m8 has an Ashton double cut solid mahogany neck/body electric thats basically a really cheap prs ripoff (plays insanely well however) and he changes tunings HEAPS. Has been consistently for the last 3 or 4 years he's owned the guitar and it's still in great condition, no warping at all.

I'm guessing with a thin Jackson/Wizard neck you would very easily run into problems however.

He uses quite heavy strings aswell btw, like 13 - 58's (mayb 59/60's?) or something along those lines
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i use 9's in drop B VERY RARELY! only do it if it's only for a few moments, don't leave it alone in that tuning over night or an extended period of time. whenever I tune down, it's only for a while, and then i tune back up to standard to maintain the neck. and drop B isn't too loose, it still maintains good tension and doesn't sound diminished at all.