I just got my KORG tuner, and when I use it to tune my guitar... I play my string and I tune until the light is green(440), but this does not get me the right note. It's sharp. However, if I tune it to the red light(430) ,aka the flat sign It's actually tuning to the right note... E in this case.

Aren't you supposed to tune to the green light? Why is the green light, like, half-sharp, or something? If i play an E on my computer, the display says E, but it's on the flat sign. What's going on?
have you got it calibrated right? the korgs have a little thing in the corner that lets you change the pitch you tune to - check it says 440 also make sure you're tuning in E not Eb as some of them can be set to tune to Eb.

EDIT: ignore the check on the 440 - you have the ga30 not ca30. make sure you're tuning to the right setting - press the flat button a few times and see what that does
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This isn't working still. Even if I have the sound come out, I can't get it to do standard tuning.
The flat sign does not work because it's reading it half flat. So, if I press the flat button once, it just puts it over to the 450 #