im lookin for a decent multi fx pedal (im not buying singles, and im not reconsidering)

Which multi FX pedal is the best under £150?

and which multi FX pedals have recording software bundled with the actual product?

thanks guyz
boss me-30 (i think it's either 30 or 50) is very good and £140 on gak.co.uk

EDIT: turns out it's me 50 and the offer where it was £140 is over so now it's £150

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I'd probably get one of those Korg ones for 100 bucks. But you don't need it to include software I mean the software it includes usually is free software anyway. You can get peavey's reaper recording program which is damn good for free.
im lookin at the Line 6 Floor Pod

if i were to buy that can i just play my guitar through my pc speakers

like this