I'll make it short: Playing an Ibanez S320 (HH, stock) -> Vox Tonelab -> Headphones. Sounds good, but lacks life, or something. I like to play Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden, RHCP, etc. (no metal, really). I'm no beginner but I still can't play many solos comfortably/accurately (getting there). Looking for 2 Humbuckers with good cleans, more organic sound, and good dirty soloing. Willing to spend ~$200, which might be silly for just a $500 guitar and $400 amp modeler, but I'd like something worth an upgrade, and I have the money.

Bonus points if you can suggest a humbucker that would sound good coil tapped (I think I could do the coil tap mod myself, doesn't look hard). I sort of prefer the single coil tone; in a few years I'll probably be playing a strat (most guitarists I try to emulate do, at least), but I'm sort of stuck with HH on this guitar (I really like the Wizard II, and dropping ~$1000 on a MIA strat right now isn't going to happen for a few years), so how it sounds coil tapped would be rather important.

Searching other threads leads me towards Dimarzio Air Norton among others, but coil tapping was never mentioned so I thought this would merit a new thread. Thanks for any suggestions!
P-100 take up the place of a humbucker, but are more like P-90s put one of them in the neck and try something like a Duncan JB in the bridge (w/coil taps). You're neck pickup sounds like the clean P-90, You're bridge gives you the ability to have dirty leads without too much gain. And both of them at the same time would have a really unique tone.
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You have several options for humbuckers here. First, I want to say that replacing the pickups on your guitar, when you're only going through the Tonelab and headphones, may not make a HUGE difference in your sound. How does your guitar sound through a good ($1000+) amp? OK, now that that is out of the way...here are some options.
First, Seymour Duncan's website can guide you through the process of selecting pickups.
The JB/Jazz set is a good old standard that's provided plenty of good tones for players over the years. IMO, if you plan on coil tapping the humbuckers, I think you need a humbucker with higher than vintage output. And for something warmish, with the bands you mentioned, you need alnico magnet pickups. If you coil tap a humbucker that has a low, vintage output (DC resistance around 8 or so), it may sound weak to your ears.
OK, with that said, I put a Dimarzio Tone Zone (bridge) and an Air Norton (neck) in an Ibanez Mahogany guitar last year, and had amazing results with the coil split. With the 3 way switch, the middle selection had a nice spank, when the coils were tapped. Both of these pickups are pretty hot, so getting hotter than vintage pups for the coil split may be a good option. I recommend it b/c I had good results.
Hope this helps. The folks on the Duncan forum are also very helpful if you're patient and provide them with good info (as you've done in your post).
Good luck on the tone quest.
my opinion...

Do not bother with buying a set of humbuckers on the basis that they might sound good split (coil tapping and coil splitting are two different things). Split humbuckers rarely sound great for single coil tones, it will just sound really thin, and really weak. If you want strat like tones, you just need to get a strat.

For the tones you're describing, the best suggestion I can make for your budget imo are either High Order pickups or Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers.