Hi Guys

I'm doing a research project for my live music class, please help me out by doing this quick poll:

How much money would you pay to see you're three favorite bands play full sets in one night?

For example, say to see RHCP, Foo Fighters, and RATM all at the same time?

1) average ticket price of 250, but as high as 400 for the best seats and 100 for the worst?

2) i would never pay 250 for anything other than a festival

3) i like the idea, but wouldn't spend more than 200 for the best seats in the house
i wouldn't spent too much, but for Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, <- (both original line ups) Rage Against The Macine. and Iron Maiden, that might be MAD expensive.
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Let's see...Death Cab For Cutie, Minus The Bear, Jack Johnson, and Ben Harper...$150 for good seats, $100 or so for not so good seats.
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I've never paid more than £20 for a gig...

and have seen every single one of my favourite bands...including streetlight manifesto at a peachy £12.

so for all of my favourite bands? £30 maybe...

Proper ska-fest it'll be aswell....
Soundgarden Jane's Addiction (original line-up) Smashing Pumpkins and Phish I'd say a lot.
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