This is a poem that i wrote for an english project. For the project we're supposed to write an autobiography as a person from Shakespearean times. Either someone who lived during his time or one of his characters. I chose to be Romeo. The final project is due monday so i decided to put this poem up just to see what other people have to say about it. C4C. Thx.

When birds sing
during the sight of the Aurora Borealis,
is how I feel,
when I gaze upon that smiling face
lauging at some unrelated thought
about a past occurrence.

Although she thinks it,
never will she come
to understand how
the vision of that brown,
perfectly executed hair stays imprinted on the
never-ending blackboard
that is my mind.

Our love is like
two children playing
with a knife.
It is fun for them,
though it would infuriate their
parents if they found out,
and other people can get hurt.

This poem, however, must end
in tragedy, for my life ended so.

So may the tragedy be that
the love we loved will never again love.
For great love like ours only lasts
as long as those who are there to make it great,
whom in later days and later years will never again exist.

This is the tragedy of our love.
This is the tragedy,
of Romeo and Juliet.
I Think It Is Very Good The Only Suggestion Is That Line With Love In It 3 Times Is A Little Weird Because Of How Many Times It Is Said. Just My Opinion.
The line referenced by the poster above would read better as "the love we loved will never again be loved" i think. the way it stands now implies that the (first) love is doing the loving (or lack thereof), and not the subject of the two lines ("we").