I'm starting up an acoustic side project with a friend of mine, and I need to buy a new guitar. I've been using my friend's Ibanez acoustic, but I'm looking for something for myself.

I have up to $400 to spend. I'd prefer a cutaway body, and a shallower body. (Doesn't need to be super shallow, I just don't want to be holding a tank.) Needs to be electric.

If you guys could give me some suggestions that'd be awesome.
Maybe a Takamine or Dean.
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http://www.guitarcenter.com/Dean-V-Coustic-Thin-Body-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar--Natural-512910-i1171857.gc THIS!

no, just kidding. don't get that. HA! seriously though...

I actually tried this one on an amp at guitar center...amazing sound to it! Seriously i think this is what you're looking for...

Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
I decided that tomorrow I'm gonna head out to Guitar Center and try some out. Maybe this will make things easier, besides the one already posted does anyone else have suggestions on what to test out and what to look for?

I plan on playing stuff similar to The Scene Aesthetic, or Dashboard Confessional - if that helps.