my guitar seems to hum, not horribly, but enough so that it bugs me from time to time. I know this is caused from poor grounding. I have my ground wire running from my volume pot to my tremel-no claw, any other suggestions?
You don't know how to ground a guitar?

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shield the cavities with a few layers of copper shielding tape.
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There are plenty of grounding and shielding tutorials out there.

Make sure you also don't have a ground loop. Just adding tons of ground wires can cause them and that results in more noise.
Do you have a guitar with single coils? Then that is your problem.
If you have never modded the electronics of the guitar than the best option is to shield it. If you have messed with the electronics, it's possible that you've screwed the ground up, but to be honest it sounds like it's just some 60 cycle hum. Or whatever it's called.
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