I just put 4 new C batteries in my Line 6 FM4, I set the pedal down unplugged and started to play guitar without it. I noticed a smell and thought it was my Vox running hot as they tend to do. I decided to pick up my FM4 to plug it in but noticed it was burning hot, almost too hot to hold it. I immediately took the batteries out which were burning hot as well.


Forgot to add that its roughly a month old and this is the first time I've changed the batteries.
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Did you set it on fire?
but seriously, it could be a short or something
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Notice something wrong? Yea, me too
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if its not then it might be shorted. take them out now and see if you put them in corectly

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see if you put them in corectly

this might be a bit late i havent read it initially until the end.
i bet this was the problem. now i dont actually know what you should do, check the wirings with a multimeter if you know how
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I put the new ones in correctly.

I just put the old ones back in and the pedal still works but I'm still curious to why they batteries got so hot?
Something like that happened to me one time with my tv controller... only happened once and it hasn't happened before, just for some reason the batteries got really hot.

Hopefully yer pedal will be fine!