Well i was just wondering cus when I play with a pick for awhile, it gets bent in the direction I hold it, like there's a bend where my thumb is supposed to go. I know it's not the mm in picks I use cus I play all of them and I bend all of them

Am I holding it too tight or does this happen to everyone?
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sounds like sh!tty pick syndrome to me, become a real man and get some 3mm dunlop stubbies
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Probably a thinner pick and you may be using a bit to much pressure. It used to happen to me when I used thinner picks but my Jazz III's are too small and thick to get much curve
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I'd say you need a less flimsy pick. It won't happen if you use Jazz III's or similar style picks. At least, I haven't gotten that problem yet. I doubt I will.
It probably IS because of the thinness of the picks. This happened to me for a while too, then I got 1.0mm Tortex's.
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