so... my mesa combo has decided that it's going to not work anymore... which is fantastic considering I gots shows to play...

Basically, the amp already has enough bass, and I run a sonic stomp in the effects loop... but i forgot that someone else had been messing around with my amp and naturally I EQ some bass out of the amp (since the stomp adds bass) ... but i had EQed it back in for them, and forgot to put it back down for me and my pedalboard.... and during the 5th song we played or so at practice I started thinking "hmm i sound a little bassy today..."

and then all of the sudden if I play anything it sounds like my amp is like, breaking up, only to the extreme, and all the time. it's all distorted and ugly-sounding. we thought it could be a speaker so my friend and I took the speaker out and hooked up a new one, but that didn't work. so... it's probably in the amp? whatever.

how much do you think that will cost to get fixed? >_< my backup guitar isn't even out of the shop being setup yet and if there's one thing i love doing it's spending money that I didn't plan on spending before .........
Maybe check your preamp tubes! Sounds like that may be where your problem lies. If you have a extra preamp tube. Just do the process of elimination. Take one out. Put in a known good one in turn it on and test.
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The only other thing I could think it could be if it isn't a tube is maybe something is loose. Make sure all the screws you can get to are tight. Be careful what you are doing, don't open the chassis, you could electrocute yourself.
but are tubes prone to doing this like... 2 months after retubing the damn thing? =]
or do you think I did it with the whole bass thing?
probably the preamp ones because the power tubes are still glowing and looking fly... but can they still be broken if they're like that?
tubes are completely unreliable. thats kinda the point, nature said "**** you! you can have godly tone only at a price muahahaha....." or something like that......

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