When you're 16 and you can't afford gear and you have no job/cashe
and you want:

Gibson Custom Lespaul
Gibson Xplorer w/Relective Chrome
Gibson Flying V w/Reflective Chrome
Fender Strat David Gilmour
Fender Jaguar/Mustang Custom MIJ
Tom Anderson Custom
Suhr Custom Strat
Parker Nitefly Mojo
Rickenbacker Custom
Ibanez J Custom
Halo 8 String Guitar
Jackson COW 7 String/Schecter 7 String without FR/Ibanez Custom 7 String
Capparison Dellinger w/27 Frets
Private Luthier Made Classical Guitar with Cutaways

Mesa Triple Recto
Mesa Mark IV
Diezel Herbert
Engl Powerball
Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKII
Fuchs The Viper
Orange Thunder Verb
Hiwatt DR 103
Fender Twin Reverb Blackface
Basically, if I was sixteen and didn't have a job, my mom would kill me. I blame the parents.
I self harm.

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The only reason it exists is because drugs get people fucked up, and people love getting fucked up.

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You're a greedy bastard.

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I do nothing?

Or I go and play my Epiphone Les Paul through my Roland Cube-15 and realise that I don't need anything. I can wait until I get a big income where I can afford expensive luxuries like second guitars or I start seriously gigging (which I doubt will happen).
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What SWIM said. I just realised his name spells swim.

So did I.
I look at my gear, and realize I have a very solid rig [two great guitars, a great amp, and GR3 on my computer] that sounds nice!
Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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um damn i'm gonna have to sell drugs/weapons/bootleg pornos to finance my gaslist
oh and get a sex change and get implanted with 8 embryos so i can collect disability and child wellfare XD
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this may sound a bit crazy but...try to get a job

I'm trying this summer but I've been turned down on many jobs before I even got a phonecall/interveiw >_>
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Capparison Dellinger w/27 Frets

I'm pretty sure you can only get Orbits, Horuses, and (soon) TAT Specials with 27, dude.

God I want a TAT Special

I don't deal very well with gearlust :\
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When you're 16 and you can't afford gear and you have no job/cashe
and you want:

Suhr Custom Strat
Ibanez J Custom
Mesa Mark IV

You dont need all those guitars :| I would like those up... A J custom with 7 strings would be cool, then a Suhr (guthrie govan ) and of course the Mark IV is totally my dream amp.. God DAMN YOU ROLAND MICRO CUBE! I just think i dont really need the gear, because i will improve the same if i stick to what i have, at least for now.
No i need the gear I want that wall of guitars + amps in my house
I mean just imagine +14 man band with +10 guitars, 1 bassist, 1 vocalist, 1 drummer XD
I go to a website and look at all the things I want and promise myself I'll get it...one day.
I go and play a guitar I already have.

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Wow, greedy, my wish list only comprises of

macbook pro
Ibanez S5470 x2
drum kit
Firewire mixer
Laney Lionheart
Mesa Boogie

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No i need the gear I want that wall of guitars + amps in my house

You are a greedy cunt. You don't need any of that stuff.
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I go to a website and look at all the things I want and promise myself I'll get it...one day.

I only really want a new amp right now, and I don't even know what amp to get so I don't care that much.
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I'm GASing for the following:

Marshall DSL-100 Head and a 1960A Cab
Jackson USA KV2 (Which I'm NEVER going to get.)
Boss DD-7 (Which I'm getting in a week)
Fulltone OCD

I'd like to build a Dave Murray strat or an Arm the Homeless replica, but I doubt I'd ever get the chance to do either.
*A list of all my gear*

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I realise that I'm not a good enough player, nor to I play enough to warrant spending thousands of pounds on new gear every time I think "Wow, that's a nice PRS"
See what you can get on eBay.

Most of my dole money seems to be going on pedals and accessories off of eBay...