Re-adding this song because ive made a few small changes and added markers and obv, looking for more criticism
i gotta say i really enjoyed this song. here are my notes while listening:

the first riff is good. but the drumming behind it sounds somewhat messy. it's not till the bridge that i feel the drumming is not longer sounding as messy.

the next riff is good, but you repeat it twice and nothing changes, which is not always so interesting. maybe change something up?

heh, i enjoyed the fun riff. congrats

the drumming after the re-intro is good. i liked it, it kept the song going without sounding ridiculous

however, i didn't like the melody-change. i think it was the drum part. i would consider a more involved drum part. it's like, you totally change genres, away from metal, then you continue to keep the same guitar part throughout the solo. this part could sound much much better if you changed the drum part so it didn't so horribly dull.

the repeat of the re-intro and verse 5 makes the song seem to repetitive and it's kinda annoying. i would consider writing an actual outro to end the piece instead of ending it with another re-intro.

it was good, but i would consider making some changes, all though it's your song so you can do whatever


crit please
wait what
First off, i don't like much melodic death, or metalcore, and thats what i'm hearing. I will base my crit on the 'musical construction,' rather than personal tase.

This is a very well constructed song. Everything flows very nicely and fits together well. The only part i felt was out of place was the melody change. The 'break' section with the triplets was a nice change, as was the tempo change.

The breakdown was entirely un-necessary, (in my opinion,) it seems like everyone these days just does boring open string chugga chugga breakdowns, while adding nothing to the song.


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I am going to take a wild guess that you're a fan of Bring Me The Horizon? And that "For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only" is one of your particular favorite songs?

Some parts just sound alot like it to me. And other parts sound like parts from other BMTH songs. I could be extremely wrong though.. That would be embarrassing..
Lol there isn't much to say here.
Oh.. and either way, it sounds really good to me. Didn't really like the first Break part though.
Lol there isn't much to say here.