Wtb: Any Parker fly, preferably before washburn/us music takeover (I recall it was '03)

Any type of Parker is cool, and my budget is probably limited to $800 for a completely mint condition guitar. With or without case, tremolo bar, but would sacrifice those things for a good price. Dings, Scratches, Chips are alright as long as they are solely cosmetic, if the guitar has any damage that does not affect the sound it is alright.

Would go international if you can get to London, England at ideal price, or U.S. with under $50 shipping

I know my budget sounds unreasonable but after my long weeks of searching I know that it is possible to find a used guitar for this price if you go through private seller

contact at krishan@kmistry.com, nothing dumb pls


Live near NYC, wouldn't mind picking up a guitar nearby
Bash me all you like, then go on guitar center used and see what the Flys and niteflys are going for and thats a commercial business
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Good Luck Finding anything like that for that price range buddy.

your sights are aimed way too low as A) i know nobody who would trade a 'Vintage' Parker due to the build quality (The Washburn takeover ones are Slightly Better Build)

good luck in your search tho
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Saw your ad on the Parker forums and I agree with what Simonlock said about your budget being unreasonable. You can find a NiteFly for that price, but a Fly isn't happening.