simple really, good mic, have him do multiple takes. If hes a good singer and you're fairly competent at recording it should be quite easy.
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Part of a great recording is getting a great performance. As a 'producer' of sorts, you can help this person get the best possible performance by making him feel comfortable and confident. Be polite, friendly, encouraging, enthusiastic, constructive... and come across as a professional. He's paying you, after all.

Use a pop filter. Most singers require it - especially untrained singers.

If you're at the mercy of his mic... do you mean LD mic (as in "large diaphragm")? I didn't know LG made mics. If they do, you can bet it's not a studio grade mic of any approximation. Maybe have him sing through your mic. Or have him sing through both, and have him pick which mic sounds best?

Don't put the mic anywhere where the singer's voice will immediately reflect back off a solid surface and back into the mic. It will sound funny. (phasing issues)

Set the gain on the mic such that you have lots of headroom. With singers, you often have to be ready for a very large dynamic range. You don't need a very strong signal if you are working with quiet gear at 24 bits. I've done very acceptable recordings where the recorded individual tracks were maxing out at around -25db. Getting as close to 0db as possible is old advice from the analog days that is really not relevant anymore with newer technologies.

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yeah agreed on the gain thingy... heh those db's on digital gear differ from the Analogs.. so the 0 level of analogs is the -17 to -16 and the max level you might leave the signal to reach is the -6 (if my memory serves well)

yeah That was an LG mic.. (a dynamic one and yeah i bet it wasnt a studio mic or something for recording... rather for a live performance or for karaoke stuff) anyways i've been recording growl vocals.. and after a bit tweaking with the REAPER (i really liked it) in the EQs and Compressorss and gates i finally could clean up the recording from constant hiss and mixed it with the minus track (i guess they call the tracks without the vocals that way??!!) and got a pretty cool quility.. at least everybody was more than satisfied

btw im planning of a cheap mic purchase from USA and i need a budget one for the road (you know abroad recording) not in yr home studio... any good suggesion??!

btw is the pop filter same as the Wind block surface or whatever they're called??