Which bass will get me p bass and jazz bass in one...i was lookin at a g&l legacy 2000 or ibanez sr500
i was gonna say urge 2 but ya. I'd say either an aerodyne or the ibanez myself.
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Get the a jazz. The G&L has the double humbuckers so it's not going to get close to either of them. The Ibanez has a very modern tone, which is getting away from the old school Fender tone.

The Jazz is obviously going to do jazz, and with some EQ tweaking and soloing the bridge pup is going to give you something that sounds p-bass-ish. If you can can find an older Fender MIA that has an S-1 switch, that adds a bit more mid-range thump as well.
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i believe Aerodyne, but they're becoming to popular lately....


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Worst excuse to not get a bass ever.


generally popular basses are good ones which is why we people them id love an aerodyne jazz (its probably my favourite bass) but at the moment am just to broke
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Worst excuse to not get a bass ever.

ben don't you know anything, lots of people are buying so it must be ****
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Well to answer the thread title question, I'd say the Musicman Bongo was the most versatile, out of the ones in the thread, it's gotta be the Aerodyne Jazz
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I suppose get a Fretless? My friend did that with his J-Bass, and it's pretty versatile.