First off, I'm not positive if this is the correct section, if not, feel free to move it, thank you.

Hi, I have a Boss GT-10 unit, and I can't connect it properly to my desktop because it has Vista 64 bit, however, I can with my laptop. I installed the appropriate driver, and the Boss GT-10 shows up on the Playback and Recording tabs, however, there is no sound.

I have a guitar hooked up properly to the GT-10. Basically what i want to do is use the gt 10 as a soundcard/use it for recording within Reaper/Whatever. When I strummed the guitar, it shows it was picking it up, however no sound was being emitted (neither in a recording program or just hearing it from my comp speakers without any program). is there a setting/settings to enable/change for me to be able to actually hear the guitar? Thanks.
Check and see if it is default on playback and recording, and that it isnt muted in either.
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I just checked. GT-10 is default for Playback and Recording, levels at 100, and non-muted. Hmm, will try and a comp restart, maybe that will help.

Edit: Still doesn't work even after Restart :*(
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Hey Jouho

I have a BOSS GT-10 myself, are you connected via USB? And if so I believe it depends on the settings in your recording program, although the default (at least this was what it was for me) should be that it plays back through the GT-10 and through the output, so is it plugged into an amp or speakers?

If you haven't solved it then go here http://www.bossgtcentral.com/forum/index.php and ask someone on there and I guarantee your problem will be fixed =) great place for us GT-10 folk!
Thanks for reply, I have posted on their aswell. Yes, through USB, but not through an amp - I want the signal to run through the GT-10, like using it as a soundcard aswell as taking advantage of effects from the unit. There are speakers, I've tried the GT-10 as output and input, etc, to no avail. Hopefully I get this solved soon, hehe.
So you have it plugged into speakers then? or is it your computer which is hooked up to your speakers? I've had to plug the GT-10 into the speakers to get sound rather than the computer plugged into the speakers, if that helps.

But I mean if you've got it like that already it'll be some kind of software maybe hardware thing and I just wouldn't know about that, lol. Sorry if I haven't gotten you anywhere but someone on that forum will be able to help you hopefully.
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In the little speaker icon in the right lower corner of ur screen.

Advanced properties ----> click recording (it's default on "playback") and select the line in (assuming it's connected to that.

If that doesn't work or is already enables, go to ur musicprogram and check if the soundcard is set for ur audio.

If that doesn't work, restart ur computer and going into the bios screen. Somewhere on that screen (dunno from the top of my head) is a menu where you can allow or disallow which ports in ur soundcard and usb and the like are "on".

Sometimes these are turned of, don't know why.

If that doesn't work, go to ur system properties and check ur motherboard model/company, and go to there website to see if there are audio drives you might haven't got installed.

If that fails buy a mac

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Thanks for replies. I currently have a headset plugged into the laptop, but before any sound would come from the built in laptop speakers. I have installed the appropriate driver, and changed the mode on my GT-10 to advanced from standard.

I've tried the Line in and out both set to GT-10 and other variations. However ever since changing the mode to advanced I haven't even seen the computer showing it picks up noise like before. :*( lame. hahah
what i do with my pod is that i set it up as my recording device and playback device through USB, and i send the left and right outputs into my computer speakers. keep in mind that it wont monitor through USB

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