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I made this little duet off a chord progression I was jamming with the other day. It's a very relaxing short piece, only about 43 seconds. It will probably just be an into to a larger song of mine in the future. Anyways, please give it a listen, its very short.

Let me know what you think, since this is pretty different from my other songs. There's also a recorded version on my profile.

Thanks much!
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That was lovely. Nothing needs to be changed - It's down-right perfect.
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Hey thanks for the crit, glad you liked it!
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That was fantastic. Like ctb said, it's perfect as it is.
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Sounds like it would make an awesome intro for a slow rock song.
Also would be good as an extended acoustic song.
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Ah, that was simple and lovely. The only issues I had were the fault of computer music, not the music itself (things like how weird slides and strums sound in GP, nothing to do with your music).
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Thanks for all the wonderful compliments! Glad you all enjoyed it.