I was wondering, I keep hearing a lot about the Orange brand amps. whats the deal? How do they sound for metal? I'm just curious about them.
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Im not 100% sure, but im pretty sure those arn't really made for metal? They might have the odd metal amp..

I tried one in a store, was valve. Tried it with a strat i think. Nothing metalish about it anyways.

Go try some.
They aren't designed for metal, more classic rock type of things.

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sorry guys im still not used to knowing where to post lol. anyways thanks for the info though. I like slipknot's sound so maybe i should try one when i go shopping for amps again. although im pretty sure im getting a tube.
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Your guitar will be infinite. Far over 9000.

Wata from Boris uses them. They are grudge, sludge, doom metal? There albums can be pretty heavy.
Orange amps are great for any tone.
its why they have artists all over the place from metal to hardcore to even flamingo and R&B.
slipknot uses them, Every time I die, between the buried and me.
them orange guys know how to make an amp and one that does a lot more then just classic tones that they advertise. anyone that says orange cant do metal tones neither hasn't played a dual terror, rockerverb, or thunderverb heads. or just never played an orange.
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"Metal" is way too vague. It depends on what kind of tone you want to have while playing your metal.

Metal played on an Orange won't have the same tone as metal played on an Engl (for example)...

Point being - know what kind of tone you want, then look for an amp that can get you there. Don't decide on a brand name, then try to force it to sound the way you want it to.

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IMO, Buckethead has a very orangey sounding tone (listen to the album "Decoding The Tomb Of Bansheebot"), but that's more of a quirky sort of metal tone.

Orange amps are most definitely good for metal, but you will get a fairly distinctive tone from them. I think they work best with low tunings.
A metal band?
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