pic explains what I did...

what are the negative effects of doing this?

Thanks =]
Negative effect 1:

You been hit by the e-fail stick.

EDIT : Just turn them ALL the way round to the right way.
you my friend, are sitting in a steaming pile of fail.
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It might increase the tension in the strings because they're kind of bent in a funny shape and you'll have to remember to turn the machine heads the other way. At least you did them all backwards and you didn't mix and match.
It's just more confusing to tune (unless you do it that way all the time).

Any true negative effects are minimal.

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Quote by Chasepw133

what are the negative effects of doing this?


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there shouldnt be any real negative effects. the strings have the same tension at a slighlty different angle. but the palm hitting you in the face might **** with something.
yeah i realized about half way through that I had done them the wrong way... but I'd accidentally done it before and never noticed too much bad about it, besides having to tune the opposite way I'm used to.

thanks for the CONSTRUCTIVE replies.
Oh my god you're going to rip your nut apart!

Not really, of course, but it does put additional stress on the nut, especially on the outer strings. Normally, though, there is a bit of an outward angle from the nut to the tuner peg, anyhow.

The skinny headstock on my Melody Maker allows me to purposely wind my E strings in reverse. I did it that way on my old '59 and now the '04 in this pic.

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Yeah, thats bad for the nut.
I'd advise re-doing it dude.
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No real serious issues. But it puts stress on your nut, and if you have super cheap tuners, it stresses them out too much aswell.
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Eh. No big deal. It had no effect on my acoustic. I don't know why everyone is desperately screaming "FAILCAKES!!!!!!" It's no big deal, when I read the title I thought you meant you strung it left handed.
lol I did that with one of my strings once, it was annoying because all of the other ones were put on the right way. There are no real negative effects, just tuning it will be a pain.
Tuning is confusing until you realize that the note is going flat instead of sharp and change the direction you're turning the peg. Friends will joke about it if they notice, but I've done that and it didn't matter at all.

No big deal.
When I read the title, I thought is meant you put the ball end through the tuners and spun it around and then realize it wouldn't stay in the bridge.
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Quote by LazyLatinoRocke
When I read the title, I thought is meant you put the ball end through the tuners and spun it around and then realize it wouldn't stay in the bridge.

LOL!!! But honestly, i thought this too.
Better give that guitar to a lefty. *points to self*
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