Is there a noise gate that will just prevent slight trips of the fretting hand during playing? Like, a very weak one, I was thinking the ISP decimator as it seems simple. One knob, and adjust too how I need it.
No, usually a noise gate only works when you're not playing. It's not a "filter" of some sort, it just cuts your entire signal.

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all a noise gate really does is cut your guitar when it doesn't hear anything being played.

without a noise gate, if you let go of your guitar strings , you're gonna hear them ring out and probably get some feedback, but with one, it'll be silent........................except for my noise gate, which isn't properly hooked up cause a 3-way splitter cable is the toughest thing in the world to find, so i've got it hooked up wrong and it gives me a constant faint ocean noise. if i could find a 3-way splitter cable though, it'd be fine.
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Actually, if you use a noise gate with the the gate set high, you can squelch misc. string noise and pick hand f*ck-ups. This'll also probably kill your sustain.
Just work on your technique. Any settings that would eliminate screw ups will kill tone to.