Hey I've never posted in these forums before so Hi everyone.

I added a song to my profile that me and a friend were jamming the other day and I would really appreciate your guys input. I know it's rough and out of time but any comments would be cool!!

Thanks a lot!
thank you for the crit
its a really sweet song loved the second guitar sounds like a bob marley kind of song
you even have the same type of voice as him great song love to hear more
Thanks for the comment, glad to see you enjoyed it even if its not your style, i liked your tune too, a really simple progression that works just fine, really catchy vocals too. I dig the reggae-like rhythm, and iim not a really big fan of the genre. Good song overall, keep on jamming!
Yeah really good song...i like your voice very muchv..and this reggae feeling is really goot too. The fills from the second guitar are awesome
I thought it was awesome man I really liked the guitar work the vocals fit perfectly with the song. Just a great chill song I'm into Bob Marley and this really reminds me of his stuff. I hear some sublime influence in there too, which is another great band. I'm waiting to hear more.....
thanks for the crit! type as i listen:

nice simple progression

ahh reggae, i really like the singing

i think the drums here are perfect. no need for a full set :-D

nice addition with the leads between vocal phrases

nice chorus, adds to the dynamics. dynamics arent overally contrasting, probably something I would change up a bit more, particularly in the interlude part. you did a little, so it was nice :-D

very nice melody; i like the guitar playing along with it. maybe harmonize the guitars? :-D

ended rather abruptly, maybe just strum a chord at the end?

overall nice work!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Hey thanks for the comments everyone!

The2abraxis: You pretty much summed up what I was thinking about it. I'm gonna go back and re-record all the guitars to fix the timing. I agree that it needs some more contrast in it, especially in the dynamics and I need to figure out a way of ending this thing. Thanks again for the input and I'll have a play around adding some harmonies and things.

Back to the studio again I guess
thx for the crit
i do like the tambourine and shaker it's a nice change, and it fits in well
Well Recorded good mics and production,
the lead acoustic guitar may be slightly loud in some parts

i really can't really crit the structure mainly cos i don't really listen to any reggae

to me the song doen't evolve too much it's playing the same rhythm and same riff all the way through
(thats probaly why i don't really listen to any reggae)
for example i would change the chords you play for the chorus
but that's just me

but as far as reggae goes that was really good and relaxing with come from the well written lyrics
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Yeah a couple of people have mentioned to me that it doesn't evolve enough and that is definately one of the main things I will be looking into when I do the next take. There deffinately isn't enough dynamic change and I need to work on making the guitar work a little more interesting. Thanks for the comments everyone!