Anyone used a treble boost like the old Dallas Rangemaster or modern copies (analogman has the Beano Boost, a few other companies make copies)? Do you find it adds anything to your tone beyond what a run-of-the-mill EQ would do?
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It really shines through an AC-30. Don't know about any other amps.
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^It kills on a lot of british amps. Like a Laney Klipp, or PTL. IIRC, the GH100TI has a rangemaster built in to it

But you can get a BYOC one.

Also: If you want to get something that's like a cross between a Rangemaster and a Tonebender, look at the Artec 70's Fuzz Blender.

I think Caitalinbread has a good treble booster, as well.