what has an all around better sound? a GK 400RB head and a hartke 3500 popped up on craigslist for pretty much the same price. both have 4x10 cabs. suggestions?
i'd take the hartke but then i love the hartke tone. try them both, neither are bad amps they just sound different to each other
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Hartke has a warm punchy sound, not real heavy as opposed to Ampeg. I hate Ampeg.
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i had a GK at one point and loved it. it was stolen and i was using a friends hartke live temporarily. the hartke sounded ok, but i liked the GK much better. if you dont like the idea of a graphic eq, go with the GK. the hartke sounded really muddy without the Geq...but yea...personal preference
Having played both brands, I must say I like GK better. Was not impressed with the build quality of the Hartke (and nor was the technician who had to fix it for me!)
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I'm more in the Hartke camp with Jack. The studio has a Hartke setup and I prefer it over the typical GK tone. However, in this case you are looking at pretty much an equal class of amp and its going to be which tone you prefer.
ok new question. i'm getting a GK 400RB head, but i need a cab. there is a GK SBX 4x10 for $300, but the dude i'm buying the head from is offering to sell a peavey TX 4x10 for $175. suggestions?
Of the two, I'd grab the Peavey. They're of similar quality...it's not worth the extra $125.
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GK and Peavey sounds good. However, if you had the freedom to choose any cab, I heard good things about GK head and Marshal cab combinations.
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