JC means Japanese Custom Shop I think, I don't think it's a production model.
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Yeah, JC is either J Custom or team J Craft (the same thing).
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Nice guitar for sure, but it was a very limited run IIRC. Try asking the people over at SS.org about it, as they are much more in-tuned with every Ibanez 7 model in existance, and most likely somebody over there is an owner of one. Ohio_Eric might've even wh0red one in the past, so try asking there.
Ok. I'll try that. Any similar styled models around?
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Ibanez made a few differant models with flamed-maple tops. Are you looking for the purple/silver burst exclusively, or other models as well? They had piezo equipped ones like the RG7CST, and then other's that were just the flamed-maple top ones, but they had quite a few really. Again, SS.org and browse their picture galleries. LOTS of 7-string pr0n in there for sure, and they list all the model names as well
Aye, i've been looking around there. I'll have to register and ask.

I'm looking specifically for a 7 string, with a tremolo, in the style of that ibanez. The colour doesn't really worry me
The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
and joy I can't explain.