How long is a piece of string?

It's all down to preference and the guitar you're putting the strings on.
11-52 or 12-56
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12's n up for me
but I love thicker strings
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lol I just use regular 9s, I agree that the strings can be a bit slack, but that just makes it all the better for wide vibratos and bends so w/e. When my current strings wear out, I'm gonna give a thicker gauge a try on my guitar; I've only ever used 9s and I think I used 8s at one stage (the strings broke too easily with that though).
9's are probably pushing it, 10's work alright, 11's are great but a bit too taut for me when i'm in standard, so i generally stick with 10s.
I play with 11's personally. I use them for anything from standard tuning to drop C stuff. I've used 12's before and I like how they hold up for heavy drop tuning but I can't get back up to standard with them. If I ever get a guitar that I will dedicate for drop tuning I'll throw 12's on it. That being said try out a few different gauges yourself and see what you like the best for your needs. Just because higher gauge strings have more tension in drop tuning that doesn't mean you'll like how they feel. Buy a few packs and go to town.
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