has anybody here done that and will it screw up my ipod
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Oh, and this is the internet. I have the right to be a douchebag. Fuck off.
My Ipod abides by the law, thank you very much.
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But that's okay.

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What's wrong with Installer?

Nothing, but if you get both you'll get a lot of springboard crashes since they conflict with eachother. At least on the iPhone you will. I have a 2g running on 2.2.1 and when I first jailbroke it on that firmwire I would crash every time I got a text. Since I was used to Cydia on 2.0, I figured to just stick with it. So I re-did it, but didn't get installer that time around. No more crashes. Although, if I had gotten Installer instead of Cydia, I would have no problems as well.
What does jailbreaking do anyway?
edit: Really? That seems like a waste of time to me...i dunno, I'm a model citizen, so i wont be doing that to mine. Tell me how much of an improvement it is please.
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