What I'm looking for is something that will pretty much do the little things I want/need. I'm working on a PC for my big things like gaming and the like, but I want to get a cheap notebook/laptop that can do internet, has at least a CD drive, and has a few USB ports (at least two, but more would be preferred). I'm thinking of a pricetag around $400 tops.

Any suggestions from The Pit?
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you could try tigerdirect, they sell refurbs, which will save you a bundle

I'll try this.

I actually tried to get one through my dad's company (he gets a new laptop every two years), he talked to their tech guy but said they don't have any available computer. They tend to use the Dell Latitude, which is everything I need and more. Like I said, I'm looking for something that I can use to do my internet stuff away from my PC.

I've also looked at the Acer Aspire One and Asus EEE, both are decent but I'd prefer something with a CD drive
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Stay away from the Acer Ones. I've seen a bunch of problems with those (I work in the Geek Squad) The ASUS EEE's are top notch though. But if you can get your hands on one of those Dell Latitudes that'd be a good choice. Stay away from consumer level Dells and Acers though, they have nothing but hard drive and motherboard issues. For that budget I'd look at refurbs or cheap new PC's with Vista. Just make sure if you go the new PC route get a dual core with ~3GB of ram with Vista.
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nice and cheap. has some great features like the speak and spell.
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