what would be the best buy?

i'm looking for something to play alternative, indie, blues.
bands i like to sound like: interpol, radiohead, muse, eric johnson, srv, bloc party, foo fighters, etc.

amp: fender 59 bassman reissue
go for the lucille the casino is more so a jazz guitar than anything else. and i could be wrong but im pretty sure a guy from AAR uses the lucille. and pluss bb kings lucielle is a legend!!
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(coming soon) hand built mahogany spruce top acoustic.
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well the casino is completely hollow so it might feedback really badly with any kind of gain. if you want an es shape body...a dot would probably suit your taste. its a semi hollow body so its better for leads and doesnt feed back as bad. the casino is more of a rhythm. i mean you can use it for lead but i would suggest a noise supressor
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I'd go for the Sheraton. I might be wrong because its been a while since I checked but I'm pretty sure its like the casino except semi hollow instead of full hollow.