Maybe, if you have an extra hundred bucks laying around...
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no doesnt look worth it at all, probably: either made in china at a plastic factory or a custom made by a n0b
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No, I would need to get paid $100 to play that or keep it with my real guitars. That's ugly and I bet it plays terribly. Get one of the funky SX guitars if you need something to kick around.
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Looks pretty cool, always liked the RR V's. Somewhat of an 80's look too haha. Don't like the basswood, but that headstock is the ****! For $100 I'd buy it... if it's playable at all it'd be worth it. Who cares if it ends up suckin ass for that price.
"When sh*t becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes."
Most likely, yeah... but meh
"When sh*t becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes."
They try to make it sound good

"ONLY 6 POUNDS" because it's cheap 1% wood 99% glue, and then it has a licensed floyd rose which isn't even good.

Than to top it off, it has 2 whole friggin inches missing. Do you know how big that is on a guitar?
This is so funny.Read this description. The actual weight is only 8lbs... I think thats more than my Gibson V O.o But I could be wrong.I dont know how to go about weighing a guitar.Kinda like the looks of this though...
Buy it, and then go around saying to people "this ISN'T what a guitar is supposed to be. Go for the complete opposite".

And then smack the person's who made it grandmother in the face with your dick (get really close so the 2 inches reach) and then piss on ur guitar.

Than A malmsteen genie will appear and have anal intercourse with you for hours until you can play a Harmonic Minor scale. Twice.