seems that all too often, im writing a song, and i just go blank.

just wanna know what everyone does when they hit a brick wall while writing a song...
anything from listening to your favourite bands/musicians for inspiration, to fapping for the fun of it, and coming back with a fresh view.
Play videogames or watch sports. Think of a good rhythm for the action occurring. Record, play, write!
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I just do something non music related for a while. I hit a brick wall almost everytime I am writing something.
Writers block is nothing more than an excuse, and a poor one at that.
Much more likely is that you're simply not very good at songwriting. This isn't an insult; songwriting is a skill like any other, and it takes enormous amounts of practiced to become proficient at it. I suggest both developing your aural skills (always important) and picking up a few textbooks on harmony and composition. Obviously, use the knowledge you obtain from them to practice songwriting.
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Why? If you don't want to write then don't, just let it flow.
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