just wondering how you guys in the pit run band practices, like how often, etc.

theres probably somewhere better for this, but im too lazy to look.
sunday or saturday 12-whenever

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Sundays for about 4-5 hours... maybe Saturdays too, but during breaks we tend to practice every 2-3 days.
Once a week and we do it from 10am till 7-8 pm. We try to make a day of it
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my band practices a couple times each week..we just call eachother and say "wanna practice today?"

This. We do atleast 2 days with everyone and the rest get togethor whenever they can.
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Usually Friday evenings or Saturday evenings. Or sometimes spend the night depends how motivated we are
For my band, its always Fridays. On rare occasions Saturday or Sunday. It differs where we have practice though, sometimes my house, other times our drummers house.
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Whenever we're all/mostly all available... that being anywhere from once every two weeks, to two or 3 times in one week, usually for an entire evening or afternoon-evening if its a weekend.
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Four times a week.

Wednesday (7 P.M. to 10 P.M.), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (usually 9 A.M. to 8-10 P.M.)

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Always on Sunday (12-3)
On breaks or days off or whatever sometimes we practice extra for a couple hours here and there
my band is the pretty unmotivated, maybe once every two weeks, when we get together we write a song within 10 minutes maybe 15 or 20, then we all practice it on our own time, get together and record it, then we can continue to practice with the recorded track, it works though.... i guess
Every other Saturday, and after we practice we get a crap load of people to come over and we just mess around.
We (the three of us) practice over mine for a few hours. Usually from the evening into mid-morning. Weekly.

And we shell out the £50 fortnightly to go to a professional rehearsal room.
right now everyone is taking a break, at the most intense 5 days a week 6 hours a day.
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Tuesdays and Thursdays four about an hour after work, Saturday of Sunday for 2 hours.
saturdays, 5-8
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