Its in my profile, check it out. I did this when I started playing music 3 years ago, things have gotten better since then. Instrumentals aren't hard at all... its a goo goo dolls song..... The my pitch is off and I tended to sing flat back then..Even still, I'd like some input on the vocal quality/tone. I've always been curious about if my voice sounds good and what kind of music goes with my type of voice. so any recommendations about that or other comments would be awesome.

Any one that wants C4C Im totally down.
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Wow, you have a great voice. Fits this song really well, sounds almost like an exact copy except for some of the pronunciation and what not. Really good. Quality could be better, and the drums are way too overpowering. It's pretty difficult to hear the guitar. I really like the emotion that you put into it, definitely sounds passionate, which is always good in music. Overall, great job, look forward to hearing more

Crit 4 Crit?
You've done a really solid job on this cover. I understand what it's like to be doing work with limited gear/recording equipment, and I think you've made the best of what you have. You should definitely stick with this vibe as far as your voice goes -- you've got a very early-to-mid 90s vibe and the Goos are well-suited to your range. The only thing I would suggest is perhaps putting your own "spin" on covers...this one is very close to the original, which is cool, but I would like to hear what you come up with yourself if you were asked to do something new with the existing song, you dig?