You know what happens.

One has a beard and glasses and jewish hair and a goat pub beard.

One has a black flat tap with pimples and a jiggly belly (like the other guy)

And there's one oreo left, and they're both coming out of closets consecutively.

It's all in your mind.

Spanish Castle magic.
Point being?
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Yeah, you definitely raped his churches and burned his women.

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Forgive the bluntness, but what in the chucklefucking hell is this?
lol wut?
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P0nx don't even play instruments. P0nx sold their instruments for booze money. And they sold their booze for heroin money.

Mesa Gear Fund- $350/ $2,000
Fail. Also We die in 2012 =D
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Take out the locking nut on ur guitar man! That way u can tune whenever!

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Usernames are for the weak. I have never created a username in my life and I feel proud of that accomplishment.
They both have friendly conversation, seeing as they are apparently well fed prisoners and should be semi-relaxed.

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2 pointless threads in a row.

Kindly kill yourself.

You can't die twice.

Who leiks those awesome subway cookies.
They're quiet epic.
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shred knows more about everything than anyone i think

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i hope we never meet shjred honestly i love you but im scared of you
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Who leiks those awesome subway cookies.
They're quiet epic.

You suck

Stop trying so hard
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and im 14 got any problems ill f*ckin drop you.


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Spooni_Shaq is the best UGer ever, period