looking to bring my platinum warlock to something worth playing. getting some body work, adjustments, etc...the last thing i need to do (obviously the most important part) is get pickups worth a damn in there. i'm getting it set up in a lower tuning, 2 steps down with an occasional C dropped to A#. play metal, death metal.

now obviously EMG's would be the ideal pickups for what i'm looking for but i would rather stay away from battery powered pickups. if it comes down to it ill end up doing that but i'm trying to think outside the box.

what do you guys think?
you could try duncan invaders, i personaly would go with emg 81/85 tho, thats what i got in my guitars. another nice combo is 81/60
DiMarzio makes the Deactivators, which resemble Actives in tone but are passive.
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