Just wondering if this is possible...

If i had a 2x12 combo amp, could i hook one speaker up to a seperate head and keep the other hooked up to the combo? I want to be able to use both with the use of an a/b swith pedal and was wondering if it would work? If so, how?
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hang on so you have a 2x12 (im assuming) combo and you want to use one of the speakers from the 2x12 for a different amp?
Forgive me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you stuff up the impedance?
It might be a better idea to take out one of the speakers and put them in a different cab.
Or you could take both out,turn your combo into a head and have a dual input cab.
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
Depends on the amps and the speakers. More info is needed. Is it 2 8 ohm speakers wired for 4 ohms, 2 16s wired for 8, 2 4s wired for 8 ohms etc? Are the 2 amps tube or SS? Does either one have an impedance switch or multiple speaker jacks for different ohm loads? The impedance is very important. A SS amp using a higher ohm load than its designed for will lose volume. A tube amp with improper load can fry.
Sorry for thr late reply. I was thinking of hooking an orange tt up to a combo such as the crate v33 so that i have a good crunch and clean tone. Havn't got either of the amps yet but am looking to buy soon and was wondering if it would work? Would it be smarter to just buy 2 head and one cab? If i went with this option would it be as simple as throwing an a/b pedal (eg. Ehx switchblade) in there to switch between heads? Sorry but i cant give much information necause i dont know much about this and am not even sure which amps for sure yet.
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