Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster for sale. From my collection. You can see just how beautiful it is from the pics. Never left my home.

Look for my other guitars up for sale. I'm thinning out my collection so there are a bunch up for sale!

$235 + shipping. Paypal preferred.

Contact me at brynnmoss@yahoo.com or respond to this post so that I get an e-mail notification.

more pics at

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your asking $235 for a USED squier? good luck dude haha

shut up

this isnt an affinity or anything, the classic vibe, standerd and vintage modified squiers absolutly pwn fender mexico

i dont know how much they list for in america but for england that seems pretty good, seeing as there about the equivelent 0f $400 here.
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P.S. The new prices recently went up to $350. This is quite a good deal.

for a new one.

Good luck getting more the $200 for this, because I doubt anyone would pay more than that for any kind of squier, I don't care how nice it is.
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especially if theyre paying for shipping to
if i hadnt of bought a new SG this month id buy this so fast. MEGA BUMP!!!
Where you located in West Virginia?

I'm in WV as well, and I've been looking around to pick up my first guitar. I'd much rather deal locally if I can, and maybe your close.
I'm in the Bridgeport area. Just let me know if you want to see it.