i've been struggling with this, I normally hold it with my index and thumb and seem to be alright, but i see pros do the standard, which is making a fist. I try the fist but my knuckles hit the strings. I want to be good at guitar for a Rock/Punk band. I want to know how to hold a pick and does it even matter. Can i hold it the way i want
It will be hard for you to get where you want in terms of speed and accuracy with an improper grip.
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Hold it however it seems comfortable, and don't look at others for a reference, because their way is not necessarily the best way; look at Marty Friedman, he has the most ass-backwards pick grip ever witnessed by mortals, yet he shreds like no other. In order for you to find the best grip for you, just sit down and play some asongs without even glancing at your picking hand; if you don't concentrate on it, you will most likely get the best grip for you. Important Note: If someone has their pick a cdertain way, don't think that if you hold the pick that way, you will sound like them.
Logic dictates that if most teachers teach a certain pick position and if most pro's apply it, then there must be a good reason for it. I don't know what it is with the fist position. I find it strange too.

But if you're used to another way and you experience no discomfort, then I don't see why you shouldn't continue. There is something like muscle memory, and that is more important than the ideal technique.
I know what you mean as I used to hold it with index finger and thumb but it kept slipping a bit when playing hard and fast for any length of time. I then changed to the fist that you mention and started doing a cheese grater on my knuckles to begin with. After practicing for a couple of weeks my strumming / picking and knuckles were back to normal and I found it a much more reliable way to play.