I think that's pretty ridiculous reason to fire someone. It's not like she was doing something illegal that would've harmed the company or something.

I don't think they should be looking for things like this though. What an employee does in his/her private life shouldn't be an issue.
Same thing happened to me. I complained a lot about my job on my blog at home (y'know, so I didn't do it at work) and they got on Myspace and specifically searched for my name, found it, and fired me because I guess the fact that I went in every night and did my job well wasn't good enough, I had to kiss their ass as well.
i could see if she was just totally bad mouthing every singe person at her work, that actually happened at my work. a girl made a "slam book" about every single person at my work and once my boss found out she got fired. but calling it boring is just a ridiculous reason to fire someone
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That ****'s weak.
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Employers are allowed to see anything you make publicly accessible. But I don't think they had a good enough reason to fire her.
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From an employers perspective I'd much rather have someone working for me who was interested in the job as they're going to put more effort in but basically this qualifies as unfair dismissal as far as I can see.
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she's probably got a good case for wrongful termination so she can bankrupt that dumb company.
Thats very big brother

Most people say their job is boring, hell I say it to my boss.

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****ed up. Seriously. Employers can snoop all they want, but they shouldn't be able to fire a person over this. I think the company should be forced to make work fun, if people are going to complain about it being boring.
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I remember this one incident where this guy got a job and was fired in two days. Reason? On his Interests section on his Myspace, his first thing was ''smokin' a blunt wit da homies''.
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