my tremolo picking is pretty stable, and i dont have problem doing one-string lines with tremolo picking and doing anything with the left hand and keeping my right hand going steady. the problem with me is switching from string to string when doing tremolo picking. i can do it, but its really sloppy and i always miss one or two notes. How exactly are you supposed to switch from string to string? can anybody help me out

edit: try playing the main riff to The Sound of Truth by As I Lay Dying or the intro melody to Remenissions by Avenged Sevenfold
The best thing you can possibly do is practice. Keep on trying it and you will get better. But before tremolo picking, make sure that you can play the entire piece perfectly at a slow speed before going faster.

Steadily increase in speed, and with a little patience and dedication, you should be a tremolo-picking master!
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Really focus on continuing the alternate picking motion while crossing between strings. If you end on an upstroke on one string, focus on starting on a downstroke on the next string. This can get complicated depending on which direction you're going. Just take it slow, work with a metronome and practice.
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Like anything, just practice... that's really all guitar is.

1. Know how to practice efficiently
2. Practice
3. More practice
4. Step it up a notch
5. Even more practice
6. You guessed it; more practice.
7. Bring it up another notch
8. ...PRACTICE! : D

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