I am an amature guitarist and am looking for information on my favorite electric guitar.

I purchased this guitar a few years ago and it is unbeliveable to play. I own 2 fenders, but this one is by far the best. It has PACE inlayed at the top of the neck and resembles a Gibson style sunburst. I have looked up the PACE label, but I can only find "Dean Pace" bass guitars. It is a beautiful guitar, easy to play and sounds fantastic. I am just looking for some background on the make.

Thanks for any help,

Do you have pics? Maybe call fender with the serial number and see what they can tell you about it.
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It's a Pace les paul copy from the 80's....possibly as early as '83

Worth about $100 back then....
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Wow, that's a really sick looking LP Custom copy guitar.

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