i am going to start on a gretsch firebird next weekend and wanted to know if i can have a straight fender styl neck no angle with a tune o matic bridge

If you recess it yes, otherwise the action is going to be ridiculous.
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but it will stop the strings from slicing his fingers open when he frets a a chord
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don't need an angled neck or a recessed for the TOM.
just use a shallow neck pocket.
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could you maybe buy like metal covers for your fingers? That would be so cool!

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^ i thought of that SYK, but the strings will still be too high over the higher/ upper frets...

EDIT: Tony Iommi: I thought he had real finger tips or plastic ones stitched onto him, thats why he dropped tuned - his fingers hurt, actually once one of the fingertips fell off = blood everywhere
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