I just uploaded a few songs to my profile. One song I'm curious to hear some crit of is "trippy riff". I'm really happy with this one, and I was wondering what I can do to improve it. This is a rough sketch, so I'm looking for crit on the song itself more than the playing/mix which i threw together quickly. I will C4C for any of the songs.
Is that main riff a midi file? It sounds alot like something I'd hear in powertab or guitar pro (which is annoying). It was really the most bothersome aspect of the song. If it is midi, I would suggest getting a VST plugin for your editting system so you can import the midi and actually make it sound good. When the riff tone changed near the end into a polysynth sound, it actually came to life. Overall I enjoyed the synths you put in there, some of the distortion guitar was effective. It feels very ambient/slow tempo techno. Your playing is pretty fine, but tonality is a big issue (at least for that riff). The mixing is also very good and this does not take away from the song. I think for me, the biggest problem is that I don't really care for instrumental music all that much. There are definitly good qualities and bad qualities.

Thanks for the comment on my song, by the way!
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I'll type as I listen:

I really can't tell what timing this riff is in, but it doesn't loop perfectly? So it's a little odd.

I like the bass flourishes you put in there, the keys too.

I dunno how you recorded this, but there are some weird breaks in some of the parts for some reason?

I like the drums the second time the intro riff comes in though.

I'm not sure what effect (or even instrument) that main riff is, but it's definitely interesting.

I like the bridge, not really the pre-bridge thing goin' on.

I like the weaving guitar riff, reminds me of a Modest Mouse song.

Waaaaay too much treble on that distortion. 'Tis a shame, the progression sounds really cool too.

Ending is epic. That is that.

I like the muting of the main riff in the post ending, hah. And the whammy sound, it's awkward but it fits.

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