Alright, I always promise at the end of every question thread not to make any mroe question threads...but I am really stumped on this.

Currently, I have my pedal order going something like this (yes, this is my actual pedalboard):

In a playing situation, my amp would be connected to the cord coming out of the tuner, and my guitar connected to the EQ. So far, I've been using my OD pedal to get the nice, thrashy rhythm tones for metal, and kicking in the EQ when solo time came. I've been hearing a lot of "Use the EQ for distortion and the OD for solos" and "Put the EQ after the Distortion". Now, I've always been shaky and in a lot of pain with my guitar tone, and maybe my pedal uses/order is keeping me from reaching aural bliss (for the record: I am not scooping mids or putting in any stereotypically "bad" settings). Anyways, my question to you is simply, what should I do about these two pedals? Should I go the "EQ for distortion and OD for solos, but keep the same order" route, or "EQ for distortion and OD for solos, but change the order", or the "keep using od for distortion and EQ for solos, but switch the order" way? Or should I just leave it as is...


first of all move the cables away from that power bar :?

otherwise its okay

I know of people that run the EQ in the effects loop

Scoop the mids on the amp, and re-eq post...
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So, scoop the mids on my Amp (I have them on 6 now, maybe put them at 2), put the EQ in the effects loop, and then rebuild the mids in there?

i wasnt saying to do that... haha

i just know people that have done it....

I think that taking your mids to 4 though wouldnt be a bad idea..

Live, i usually run around (depending on amp) Bass: 4 or 5, Mid: 4, treble: 6....depending...as i said on the amp

you are running a valve king though...and shouldnt have any trouble getting a decent rhythm tone from it.

I suggest running your distortion and eq in front, and stomp on an O/D for solos.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
The order should go (normally) guitar>tuner>noise gate>OD. Your going the other way around... that way the noise gate will be interfering with the OD.

The EQ can go in any position you feel it better.

Still, if like the way you have them now forget my comment.
I heard that the Noise gate is supposed to be last in the chain though (the one right before the amp). I never had any problems with noise or feedback, but should I change my order to this: AMP ----ISP DECIMATOR-MXR M108-BOSS SD1-BOSS TU2--------GUITAR?
No put the ISP into the loop. if you run it before the distortion and the mp distortion it makes little sense to have it in the chain since it has little effect. It's best to run it in the loop so that it can remove as much noise and feedback as possible. Also I like to put the EQ in the loop.

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I'm confused now, so I put my Nosie gate in the Effects loop...but what do I do about the EQ and OD? Do i use my OD for my distortion w/ the EQ for solos, or do I use my EQ for distortion and OD for solos?
The noise gate is ideal before the amp and in front of it. That's how I personally run it, but it's also how most people run it.

Try it both ways and see which you prefer.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.