i have a starter b.c. rich mockingbird [my first guitar] there are a number of problems with it

has only one humbucker that doesnt work anymore [bridge pickup]
i think the neck is warped,
it needs to be refretted so i'll just buy a new neck.
and it has a stop tail bridge
only one volume knob

I want to make a cavity for an added neck pickup
replace the neck
i want to put an original floyd rose
as well as an added tone knob and pickup selector

does anyone know what tools i need to make the cavities for the neck pick up and floyd? also are there any diagrams i should follow for the floyd or placing a humbucker??

the cavity where the volume pot is runs horizontally so i think i want to put the tone knob pickup selector and volume in that order

i seriously want to start customizing this thing
all advice will be greatly appreciated

edit: the mockingbird ST [with a floyd] has a neck scale of 24 5\8] is it alright for me to get a neck thats 25 1/2?
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If your serious go for it.

Tools for routing cavitys are as follows: Router.......it can be a dremel or a full size router.

And the Floyd is definately gonna need a proper diagram so you should start here concidering they invented it.

The selector switch is easy just get a three way or whatever way you desire. Then for a tone knob and the rest of the wiring go here. http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/

EDIT: The neck thing i'm not to sure about but I know it will scrw with your scale and the guitar won't tune corectly but if you putting a floyd on it then you should do it just know it will take alot of measurements but yes the Floyd Rose site I sent you to will give you proper distances for the whole FR set up.

EDIT2.0: This will help you with the router stuff. http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/tutorial3.htm
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any info on tips i need for routers? and can i just get it at like home depot or something? i'm looking at stewmac and i cant seem to find anything
If you've never used a router before, don't install the floyd.

Or at least practice on a scrap piece multiple times before hand!