Hi. I'm reaaaally pissed off because yesterday I was listening to my iPod (160gig Black iPod Classic; I've had it for just over a year and it's like 40% full if that helps),
and suddenly it froze, as it sometimes does.

But this time, I was still able to scroll up and down, and it also recognized when I locked or unlocked it, but if I tried to press Menu or Play or select anything, it didn't work.

Now I've tried plugging it into my computer for awhile in case that would help in any way, but it hasn't. It still scrolls and locks, but doesn't recognize when I actually push the buttons (Menu, Play, Skip). This means that the Play+Middle Button thing won't work, so I have no idea what to do.

Can anyone please help me? It takes me an hour to get to and from school every day and I need this ****ing thing fixed please!
Kill the battery and then try computerizing it. (Have you?)


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Have you tried reseting it? Don't take it to Apple cause they won't do **** and it'll just waste 10 hours of your life or more.